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The Knowlegde Platform
The Knowledge Platform on Electromagnetic Fields and Health provides clarity on public questions and concerns about possible health effects related to electromagnetic fields. Because of the social organisations involved, the Knowledge Platform is well-informed of these concerns, enabling it to comprehensibly present scientific knowledge, while taking the various sensitivities into account. In doing so, the Knowledge Platform EMF contributes to social debate by providing clarity. In the years to come, technical and social developments will lead to increased use of electricity and new wireless communication methods. Keeping citizens informed about any resulting effects, in an adequate and correct manner, remains very important.

The Knowledge Platform on Electromagnetic Fields and Health helps citizens and workers to understand and access the relative merits of scientific research into the relationship between electromagnetic fields and human health. This involves, for example, research into wireless communication, MRI scanners, high-voltage power lines, electric devices, UMTS masts, and radar equipment. The Knowledge Platform knows that questions related to possible health effects will continue to arise, especially due to technological developments and increases in mobile communications. From this perspective, the Knowledge Platform also provides people with information they may use when taking protective measures.

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Knowlegde Notes
Knowledge notes describe the standpoint of the Knowledge Platform Electromagnetic Fields (in Dutch: Kennisplatform Elektromagnetische Velden) on a specific (scientific) publication or a topic. Knowledge notes are the result of consultation between experts from organisations that participate in the Knowledge Platform. The Health Council of the Netherlands has an advisory role in this consultation. All organisations that participate in the Knowledge Platform agree on the content of the knowledge notes. Knowledge notes are intended to allow professionals and citizens to form their own opinion on the basis of reliable information, and to support discussions on the basis of facts, professional interpretations of scientific research, and clear points of view on electromagnetic fields and their applications.

Knowledge Note Electrosensitivity

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